Blockchain for Supply Chains

Blockchain for Supply Chains
While 90% of goods in global trade are carried by the shipping industry, the cost of processing documents and information for a container shipment is estimated at more than twice the cost of the transport. What is needed to accelerate blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies to bring efficiency, transparency, and interoperability to global supply chains?

Dimensions to be addressed:
– Smart contracts for physical goods
– Customs and tariffs payments at ports of trade
– Trade finance standards for machine-to-machine payments

· Irene Arias, Chief Executive Officer, Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF/FOMIN), Inter-American Development Bank, Washington DC.
· Leanne Kemp, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Everledger, United Kingdom.
· Rebecca Liao, Vice-President, Business Development and Strategy, Skuchain, USA.
· Catherine Mulligan, Co-Director, Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering, Imperial College London, United Kingdom.
· Zhang Jin, Chairman of the Board, Cedar Holdings Group, People’s Republic of China.

Introduced by:
· Nadia Hewett, Project Lead, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology, World Economic Forum, USA.

Moderated by:
· Yang Yanqing, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Yicai Media Group, People’s Republic of China.

Blockchain for Supply Chains