Cryptocurrency 101: Chris Cole Explains How Cryptocurrency Can Be Used To Build Wealth (Part 2)

Cryptocurrency 101: Chris Cole Explains How Cryptocurrency Can Be Used To Build Wealth (Part 2)
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In this video, Real Estate/Business Mogul and Wealth Strategist Jay Morrison interviews Cryptocurrency Expert and Bond Futures Trader Chris Cole to get insight on how cryptocurrency relates to real estate and how it can be used as a vehicle to build wealth and can afford the opportunity to participate in lifestyle design.

Chris explains how cryptocurrency mining operations are a hot commodity among real estate investors and how the land can increase in value when used as a business asset to process transactions.

Chris Cole is a leader in the retail trading industry having been published twice in Futures and Truth Magazine and once in FUTURES Magazine. Chris has mentored over 1,000 students with 50+ clients who are now full-time traders.

He helps mentor and re-shape the value of entrepreneurship, by way of retail trading, among many through speaking engagements to include: Atlanta Public Schools, Flourish Media Conference, the Raw Onion, and the Money Show Convention in Las Vegas. Chris’ focused mind and authenticity of his energy and personality continues to allow him to motivate others and launch successful projects in the industry.

Since investing in cryptocurrency, Cole made a 4900% ROI – turning every ,000 into 0,000 in 10 MONTHS using a comprehensive strategy that he personally developed based on his experience as full time currency trader.

Chris launched Seven Cities Crypto Mining Partnership in December 2017 that allows individuals to invest in the growing industry of Crypto mining farms. His expertise brings traditional trading and
investing to the growing space of crypto, tech, and finance. As the CEO of Rush Cole Capital, Chris has established a key utility for the everyday investor to streamline access to the
crypto currency trading markets and mining industry.

Chris recently has partnered with a financial firm that will be one of the first to have a globally listed crypto currency product through a strategic partnership with PKF and the Trop-X exchange in the Seychelles Islands.

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Cryptocurrency 101: Chris Cole Explains How Cryptocurrency Can Be Used To Build Wealth (Part 2)

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  2. crypto = lotto = casino….nobody knows why that shit moves how it does. All speculation. Buddy got lucky and now he trying to sell it as a class. He pulled the slots and hit the jackpot at the casino, now he's trying to tell you how much force he pulled the slot machine lever with. Metaphor. He can't prove he knows shit. Selling yal false hope. JMO needs to stick to Real Estate. He just keeps distracting yal with BS. Not one video of them signing some contracts at a closing, working with an inspector, appraiser, etc. …he finessed yal, and now he's just gonna keep distracting yal with bullshit hoping you forget, THIS NIGGA IS SUPPOSED TO BE INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE.

  3. Well I tried signing up for his free ebook and nothing was sent! Can you please fix this Chris Cole?! I'm trying to understand this cryptocurrency thing, too many ppl are discouraging it bc it's so new.

  4. My black peoples don’t let the other group keep you out of crypto… put a lil in at a time

  5. Is he making more money with crypto currency or selling programs to people on crypto currencies?

  6. Be cautious when investing money in this sector. It’s very volatile due to the fact it’s so new and not regulated by any government. A lot of price manipulation going on. With that being said Blockchain technology is still in its infancy stage, so being an early adopter could prove to be very lucrative in the next 2-3 yrs. If you dabble in it (like I am) I wish you the best of luck everyone!!

  7. The person that made bitcoin, owns a good portion of bitcoin and dont no body no him but the would invest in bitcoin. Im i missing something?

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  9. I rocks with you tough Jay but associating your brand with crypto is a risky move. Why not promote it under a different umbrella?

  10. Blockchain is the future. We will create/code our own future. You m-fuckas better learn how to program and code and start biznesses built around this tech. Jay got the real estate figured out, we gotta flesh out everything else…

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