Cryptocurrency Investing in 2018 – BITCOIN?

Cryptocurrency Investing in 2018 - BITCOIN?
Now that the crypto market is crashing, and has been crashing for months now, the question that comes to mind: did all those crypto experts actually knew what they were talking about?

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether and maxcoins … what are they actually worth and what is driving the cryptocurrency mania?

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Cryptocurrency Investing in 2018 – BITCOIN?

15 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Investing in 2018 – BITCOIN?”

  1. Question, back to the shoe shine kid example. Would you say that applies to everything, even jobs. Like let’s say I see all of this people on youtube trying to say you can make money online with WordPress or e-commerce. Does that mean its most likely over populated? or is to late to get in?

  2. Another video with amazing content. Ignore the crypto fan-boys that lost their mortgages on the burst.

  3. If you think government "backs" your money, read some austrian economists, my friend. Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises warned about this half a century ago. If you don't, don't complain later, when the bank runs happen and your lifetime savings are lost, like it happend in Greece, like it's happening in Argentina, and how it's soon going to happen in the whole world.

  4. I could argue to look how we had a Bitcoin bubble in 2013-2014 that popped and how 3 years later we reached a new top 20 x higher. Housing, gold, silver are no new technologies. Crypto is new and there is still a huge amount of people that can still get in. 90 % of people never bought any crypto. Don't forget that. Moreover, crypto is a worldwide phenomenon, not a local one like most stock markets are. And big investors still are not in crypto because there are no ETFs yet. On the other hand, gold, silver and housing they are on the market for decades with ETFs and big investors already in it.

  5. But a federal reserve note is n.ot a government thing, it's a private bank. I believe you should assert that a private company owns all the banks, IRS (private tax company), corporate cities, et al

  6. Hi Setfan ,( I'm not in bitcoin ), don't you think the acceleration spread of the dark web ´might enhance the chances of bitcoin.

  7. Fiat currency has never worked. Gold and silver have real value. While like me, you have lived a few years on this planet, you haven't experienced a major deflationary period and I doubt you were paying attention to inflation during the 70s. It was definitely excellent advice that you gave during the crypto euphoria stage, but markets go through cycles. Like gold and silver, crypto and the blockchain is here to stay. I would place my bets on those two assets any day over fiat. Of course, you do have to time your entries and exits just right to prosper..

  8. You make some good points, however the value of rationality is exaggerated in speculation. Speculation is about timing and unknown variables, and the advantages that rationality bring to the table are not that high. You may be a robot, but if you don't know the data, what good is it? Lucky irrational guys have become bitcoin millionaires just by stubbornly holding for many years. Extremely rational "contrarians" have not, because they tended to sell too early and buy back too late. The truth is that speculation is mostly about luck, and no trick is going to change this. Regarding precious metals, I think you can't really compare crypto to them. Crypto has, fortunately, other uses than catering to anarchists.

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