Cryptocurrency Investing Lessons | A VC Firm’s View

Cryptocurrency Investing Lessons | A VC Firm's View
In this video, I interview Shane Kehoe and Charles Storry from SVKCrypto; a community-driven VC (Venture Capital) Firm.

The purpose of this interview is to provide insights into Cryptocurrencies from the perspective of individuals who live and breathe the market.

This video is part 1 of the interview. Below, you can find part 2 where we discuss what could cause the next bull run and how to prepare our portfolios for it.

Part 2 – Coming Soon

Remember to check out the time jumps below.

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1:19 – Shane & Charles’ Backgrounds
4:44 – SVKCrypto’s Mission
7:37 – Why EOS?
11:00 – How Many Infrastructure Projects Will Succeed?
15:25 – Market Capitulation or Buying Opportunity?
22:57 – Financial Institutions: When Will They Enter The Market?
27:25 – What If The Bitcoin ETF Is Rejected?
31:10 – Bitcoin ETF Alternatives

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Disclaimer: None of this is financial advice. Please remember that all of our videos are simply our personal opinions. I don’t claim to be a market expert and I’m only human so I will make mistakes from time to time. Always do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose. Investments can go up and down with cryptocurrencies being an especially volatile market.

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Cryptocurrency Investing Lessons | A VC Firm’s View

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