GameMax GM Lucky Blockchain Part 3 GameMax Overview

GameMax GM Lucky Blockchain   Part 3 GameMax Overview
GameMax! Lucky Blockchain! – Unlimited Playing
Your Lucky, Your Money, Your Chance!

1$ ONE DOLLAR to catch a great deal to become an International LOTTERY AGENT at GameMax.Cc!
200$ DOLLARS to get a great chance to do business with GameMax.Cc!
200$ DOLLARS to begin investing at GameMax.Cc!

GameMax trends to Lottery and Games. It is is the perfect combination of Crypto into Lottery and Games. GM Token applies ERC20 technology on Ethereum smart contract of Blockchain platform. Gamemax makes everything fair, transparent and secure.
Here, GameMax opens for our chance only.
Here, we play, we trade, and we make money increase up! Let’s happy together!
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What advantages do Gamemax serve for the community?
1. Technology: Blockchain smart contract automatically update new data and record all data in order of time by blocks which keep the lottery ticket numbers exact and the ticket amount clear. We friendly call it “Lucky blockchains”.
– High security and completely accurate data are the first advantage of Game Max. It helps the cash-flow in Game max ecosystem the most obvious.
– Addition, anonymous and secure for winners: the Blockchain smartcontract automatically pay for prizes. So, there is no human intervention, that is keeping secret for winners
2. Obviousness and Fairness to Lottery Lucky Blockchain: Gamemax is not a prize drawer, but rather results from middle parties, which are two famous US lottery stations, Powerball and Mega Millions. It is quite clear, non-interference on the prizes.
3. Specially, rewards for upper sponer: in Gamemax , the winners of special prize will bring a big percentage to their introducer playing. The great thing is only happened at
4. Anyone in anywhere can play with Gamemax, because the price is only 1$ ONE DOLLAR for 1 Crypto Lottery ticket. Get lucky blockchain everyday, yourself!
5. Easy to win special prize and other sub-prizes
6. Affiliated link for each member of Gamemax community that is very easy to get commission back.
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* How to choose numbers for the “Lucky blockchain” tickets:
There are only 5 couples, of special prize numbers, from “POWER” and “SUPPORT”
– Choose 1 couple of “POWER” number which from 01 to 26
– Choose any last 4 couples of “SUPPORT” number which from 01 to 70
* GM Lottery advantages:
– High rate of winning from shorter number sequence, 5 couples , it is easy to win “Lucky Blockchain”
– The special prize value, will be added, if the turn is not won
– Sub-prizes will be shared, to all winners, who won the same prize of that turn.

* Prize structures:, up to 55%, of total ticket sales:
a. Special prize:, 30% of the ticket sales, for 1 couple of “POWER” & 4 couples from “SUPPORT”.
b. Sub-prizes: 15%, including:
– First prizes:, 2%, for 1 couple of “POWER” & last any 3 couples from “SUPPORT”
– Second prizes:, 5%, for 1 couple of “POWER” & last any 2 couples from “SUPPORT”
– Third prizes:, 8%, for 1 couple of “POWER” & any 1 couple from “SUPPORT”
c. Upper sponsor rewards: 10%, for 10 upper levels who introduce the special prize winner
– Upper level 1: , 3%
– Upper level 2: , 2%
– Upper level 3, 4: , 1%
– Upper level 5 to 10: , 0.5%

* Gm crypto lottery , “lucky blockchain” distribution:, 80%, of total ticket sales, will be turned back community, only 20% kept for Game Max manager operation.
– Bonus sales, 25% max for 15 afiliate levels
– Special prizes, 30%
– Sub-prizes, 15%
– Upline reward, 10%

All things, we can find in prestigious website:
to buy Lottery tickets, to play Games, to trade GM Token, earn money, and affiliate with GameMax to do business… Then, we are happy! Register link:

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GameMax GM Lucky Blockchain Part 3 GameMax Overview