Is Cryptocurrency Mining Dying? GPU | ASIC | VoskCoin Crypto Farm | August 2018

Is Cryptocurrency Mining Dying? GPU | ASIC | VoskCoin Crypto Farm | August 2018
Is cryptocurrency mining dying? While cryptocurrency remains in a bear market, the profitability of crypto mining continues to decrease. Bitmain has sold over ten ASIC miners in 2018 and only a few models currently create a profit above one dollar a day factoring the average US electric rate of 12c / kWh.

Today VoskCoin reviews his mining farm and how it has changed dramatically over the course of the last year, just last year with 30,000 sols the VoskCoin mining farm was earning 1 Zcash every 2 days in comparison to today that would take more than 10 days AND ZCASH IS WORTH LESS NOW?!

Nvidia GTX 1080 TI remains a top mining GPU –
AMD Rx570 continue to be a top mining GPU –

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What To Mine ASIC Mining Profit Calculator –

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Is Cryptocurrency Mining Dying? GPU | ASIC | VoskCoin Crypto Farm | August 2018

20 thoughts on “Is Cryptocurrency Mining Dying? GPU | ASIC | VoskCoin Crypto Farm | August 2018”

  1. werent for crypto exploding during the first month of the year, we'd have a more manageable mining difficulty right now.
    I started on the first day of December last year where it's all decent and nothing is crazy. Now, retailers are reluctant to drop GPU prices even though mining is terrible for several months already.

    It's tempting to touch ASICs but I hate to see good hardware die in just a few months even if made a small profit.

  2. It's definitely scary that crypto prices have flatlined even though difficulty has gone way up. Seems to defy the law of supply and demand. I'm a total RX-580 farmer, so luckily I am still profitable on Blake and Cryptonight…but it's getting close to the point that I may have to start selling off some of my 39 cards. If I can just make it to fall/winter, then the free heat will help offset the electric cost.

  3. I was mining since 2013 and when MTGox went down, mining went to the toilet as it is right now… Its a trend. Mining will be profitable again. The trend is your friend. Follow it

  4. I was going to spend a few grand on equipment. I was looking at asics. But i am glad i went with gpus because i have made my money back and i will have equipment i can sell at just about the same as what i paid for it. I think i will stick with gpus because they will al;ways sell

  5. I think people will use cryptocurrency as a Fail-Safe during a recession or an economic crisis. Gold and silver prices are currently relatively low. If we see a major economic crisis like in 2008 the price of crypto could go through the roof. I personally put cryptocurrency in the same category as gold and silver.

  6. It just started, there will be more coins and some new technology software for each coin, the improvements are coming, so mining is not over, is just starting.

  7. Any chance in your upcoming videos that you can delve into cryptocurrency trading bots? API setup for Binance, Coinbase Pro, et cetera. I'm looking for alternative ways to augment my mining income.

  8. Did you ever get your BURST rig running? The price of Burst is low right now like all cryptos but at least the electric cost to mine burst is very low too.

  9. Yeah, looks like the time of the nodes is coming.Way faster than I knew what they were :D.

  10. you should NEVER mine at a LOSS, you should shutdown an use the money you would have spent on power to buy the coin directly.

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