KeepKey Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Review – Premium or Outdated Tech?

KeepKey Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Review - Premium or Outdated Tech?
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Today we review the KeepKey Crypto HW wallet from CryptoHWwallet. This device allows safekeeping of your cryptocurrencies (if they are supported on the device) some of the popular coins you can store on the KeepKey are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Dash, and many ERC-20 Tokens using their native chrome app.

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KeepKey Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Review – Premium or Outdated Tech?

19 thoughts on “KeepKey Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Review – Premium or Outdated Tech?”

  1. tails is looking good!!!!!! I don't know why I need a wallet when bitmain is mining all my zen

  2. We thought we would buy one of these, three later ( i admit from amazon not direct) all had been tampered with before delivery, I cannot personally recommend the device, a shame. Others offer better features now. Thanks for the honest review.

  3. If you have to justify your purchases to your other half it's definitely time for an upgrade…

  4. Man, the little throw in there that all your watchers are hetero males with girlfriends was a bit unthinking of you.

  5. I only have on question for tails, who is that guy in the background that's always talking trying to take over your video?

  6. I also have a keepkey because i wanted a second hardware wallet. I got to say im disappointed with it but if you only want a hardware wallet for the big coins then its pretty good. The only redeeming factor for the keepkey which you didn't mention is that it has shapshift built into which is pretty nice too.

  7. This item fits the quote "never judge a book by just the cover". Never once Trezor or LedgerNanoS had an error or made me look for help guides. I do agree Keepkey felt and look the best compared to the rest. Pity to have such great product suck due to bad software.

  8. Good vid Vosk!! I been using the Trezor and Ledger for couple years and they do the job. Nice to see Ledger finally adding more coins. KeepKey I might have to try out , I have always been on the fence on that one. Keep up the great work Vosk & fellow miner!! @BaumerYXE

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